Why Relentless?


How We Get Results, Think, and Operate at Relentless

  • We realize that strength is the foundation for almost all athletic skill and a good life so we lift heavy weights with good technique.
  • We progress when people have mastered or at least developed great skill (true mastery is a life-long quest) at their current level and technique, not when the calendar or distraction asks us to.
  • We throw things and jump frequently and in a variety of ways. We stop throwing and jumping before the throwing and jumping becomes slow and sloppy.
  • We move forward, backward, and side to side.
  • We pick things up. Sometimes we put them over our head. We move things. We carry them. Sometimes near, sometimes far. Sometimes lots of times, sometimes a few. Sometimes those things are “us”.
  • We value consistency as one of our primary virtues.
  • We don’t demonize food. We do demonize things that poison us. We don’t eat food that makes us regret it. We don’t generally eat like jerk-offs. When we do, we admit it and move on.
  • We eat large amounts of protein, mainly from animal sources. With this large amount of protein we eat lots of vegetables. We tell our moms that they were right.
  • We learn and try new skills. If we fail at those skills we accept it with a Growth Mindset and also that we just did a trick for the entertainment of everyone else in the gym. We then try again and again until we get it right.
  • We read and learn from people smarter, more experienced, or both than us.
  • We teach those who value a lesson.
  • We track and experiment. If something doesn’t work as we’d hoped or expected then we analyze it and drop it. If it does work then we analyze it, adopt it, and work on the next experiment.
  • We realize that time out of the gym and sleep is at least, if not more so in some cases, as important as the actual training.
  • We do curls. The gun show is important.
  • We realize that a supportive word, encouragement, ball-busting, or a kick in the ass are all important and necessary at the right times. This is rarely the same time.

Above all, at Relentless we do things with a PURPOSE.

-Isaac Wilkins
Owner, Relentless Strength Training

Interested in joining the Relentless family?  Email me today at Isaac@wilkinspower.com or contact us to set up a strategy session.

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