Here’s what some of our past and current clients have to say about their experience and results at Relentless!

relentless strength training fat loss bangor maine“Last July, I went on a serious hike.  At the top of the second peak, Sargent Mountain in Acadia, I posed for a picture.
It was life-changing.
From January to July 2012, I was on the road and balancing two clients hundreds of miles apart.  Driving almost 750 miles per week, working 12+ hours a day, and eating “road food” left results that were less than optimal.  I had been in pretty good shape in 2011 but it was eroding quickly, and frankly, since it didn’t happen all at once I hadn’t noticed until that day… that photo.  That wasn’t me.
That hike in late July led me to a simple commitment in August.  I committed to 100 days of exercising every day.  By November, when my 100 days was up…I was 10 lbs lighter and on my way.  I kept going to the gym, practicing yoga, hiking, etc.  But I wanted more.  Not to lose weight, but to be fit and strong and healthy.  Although if losing weight happened, I was ok with that. 🙂
I met Isaac in late January 2013.  I was able to convince him to take me on and that this wasn’t another “New Year’s Resolution”.  I met him and went through the warm-up, which made me sore for two days.  He agreed to take me on… and it was on.  Twice a week, I would show up at 6:30 in the morning or 5 p.m…. depending on my schedule… and do it.  After a month, the warm -up was easy.  After two months, I started feeling stronger.  By Easter, I was on the floor with my cousins trading push-up versions. And by June, I was buying new bathing suits.  And let’s be clear.  While that wasn’t the goal, bikini shopping at age 40 feels damn good.
Isaac made every workout up just for me.  I love working out with other people and sharing gym time in a semi-personal training environment and I love that my workout is designed for me and my unique place in my journey. And it works.  I show up and do it.  Work, personal relationships, family, and my body — everything in my life feels stronger, tighter, and just better.  I can lift more weight.  I am more flexible and strong.  I ran/walked a five-mile race this spring.  I concentrate better at work and set a personal best in fundraising this year.  I am President of a Board.  And I will keep building and growing and IMPROVING.
Because pics are worth a thousand words… here are pics that show an 11 month time lapse in blue tank tops on the top of mtns in Acadia.  I refuse to call them before/after pics because this will never stop.  It is a continuum.  I can always get stronger, and faster and make gains.  That being said, and knowing that looks are only a symptom of the incredible growth I have experienced…let’s face it…they are proof.  If you want to be stronger, faster, better, and better-looking, call or email Isaac and start showing up.  It will be the best decision you have made lately.”

Kate Villa, CFRE

Men's fat loss training bangor maine“When I met Isaac, I was overweight, pre-hypertensive, lower back pain, and exhausted. I had the additional problem of having a career that had me traveling over long distances and a very uneven schedule. I had put off getting a personal trainer for years, because I always believed I could never find someone that could give me real results with my present work/life situation. In 5 months, Isaac put together a training program that took off 8% body fat (DOWN OVER 30 LBS!) and made me as strong as I was 10 years ago. My family and friends were amazed at how different I looked in such a short period of time. One of the things that stand out most from experience was, when I initially began and would become severely winded during warm up; now I can have a casual conversation while doing the warm up.

lose fat for men bangor maineThe most important thing I learned from Isaac was the mental approach to physical fitness. For a long time, I had always approached working out as a thing to check off on the daily schedule of life. It was simply a timeframe, where I did something in a vain attempt to achieve some arbitrary goal. Through Isaac, I learned to approach the 45 minutes as a challenge, a task to accomplish. The workouts were always difficult, but doable. In the beginning, Isaac was there to push me along, but as I developed, I learned to push myself. I feel that is what makes Isaac a highly effective trainer and strength coach.”

-Mo Shah


sterngth training bangor maine“I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t an athlete. When I wasn’t road racing or triathloning, I was riding horses, trail hiking, skiing, or rock climbing. But in July of 2010 a bike crash left me with permanent brain injury. Eight months later a running accident left me with a broken foot. When I resumed training in the summer of 2011 I was weak and slow; my coordination was compromised; my self confidence was gone.

Then one of my daughter’s friends took me trad climbing on MDI. I hadn’t been in over a year. Halfway up the South Face of the Precipice, my arms so pumped I could hardly unscrew the top of my water bottle, I was afraid I couldn’t finish. But I did finish; and standing on top of that cliff, looking out over the sea, I wanted to climb again. And I wanted to be able to go with the best, bad-ass climbers on the island. To do that, I knew I’d have to recondition my body to work at a level that, frankly, I’d given up hope of ever reaching again.

I ramped up my workouts, but my progress was slow, uneven, and frustrating. I simply didn’t know how to get to where I wanted to be.

Then last November, I came across references to a strength coach named Isaac Wilkins. I looked at Isaac’s website, “wilkinspower.com: Relentless Strength Training”, and read his blog, “Beyond the Barbell.” It was clear from Isaac’s writing that he is an expert in the field of strength and conditioning. His clients described him as bright, knowledgeable, and articulate. Honest, funny and practical. Supportive, patient and understanding. They said that his workouts pushed them beyond anything they ever thought they could do.

So I went to Isaac’s office. I said I wanted to run fast and triathlon again. I said I wanted to be a kick-ass rock climber. I described my limitations: I said that since my accidents, I’m distractible and forgetful. I’m easily confused. And I’m uncoordinated. He grinned and said, I can work with you, don’t worry.

He was right, I didn’t need to worry. Over just the past thirteen weeks, Isaac Wilkins has remade me into an athlete. I’m dead lifting, snatching, squatting, and doing power cleans. I’m dragging sleds, carrying sand bags, and climbing ropes. I’m running sprints, throwing medicine balls, and swinging kettlebells. On Isaac’s program, I’m leaner, stronger, more stable and coordinated than I’ve ever been. I ‘m crushing hills and banging out track intervals faster than I did before my accidents; and three weeks ago I cruised up a multi-pitch ascent in Clifton as though I’d been climbing for years. I can hardly wait to test myself on rock and on the road this summer!

Maybe more importantly, Isaac is remaking my mind as well as my body. He’s taught me that mental strength, as well as physical strength, is a skill. He’s taught me to train fierce, and to bring as much to every session as he does — never less than 100%. He’s taught me to substitute “I can” for “I can’t”. He’s taught me to confront challenges confidently; to focus on what I can control; and to leave what I can’t control outside the door when I come to work out. Isaac has shown me that the margins of body and mind are a function of attitude and will. He coaches me to push myself farther than I’ve ever gone, to find and deploy reserves of optimism, resilience, and resolve I never knew I had. Simply put, Isaac’s coaching has changed my life, inside and outside the gym.

Isaac promises to “maximize everything that you are, be it on the field, at the office, or in any other aspect of your daily life.” He lives what he teaches; he does what he promises. If you are ready to work with an extraordinary individual who will help you do extraordinary things, contact Isaac Wilkins.”

Kathryn King
Hampden, Maine
April, 2012


Jim Strength Training Bangor Maine“I began at Relentless Strength Training approximately 4 years ago. I showed up with several pre-existing, long-term injuries from various physical endeavors over the years. These included cervical spinal stenosis, knee pain from prior injuries and 7 surgeries, and arthritis. My goals were/are to get stronger, lose weight, and avoid injury. I was 49 and my problem had been, if I trained hard for a few weeks, I would develop severe pain from my injuries, which meant I had to take more time off to recover.  This resulted in lack of gains and much frustration.

Isaac listened to my problems, goals, and needs. He programmed specifically so I could remain pain free and still work hard to achieve my goals.  

I’m now 53 years old and I continue to train, 4 times a week, under Isaac’s coaching, programming, and nutritional guidance.  I’ve lost weight, and gained a significant amount of strength. But, most importantly to me, I’ve done it virtually pain free!

Jim 500 Deadlift bangor maineI have a background in Martial Arts and collegiate sports, and I will say unequivocally, that Isaac Wilkins and Relentless Strength Training have provided far and away the best professional training I’ve ever experienced!

Whatever your goals, and whatever your physical limits may be, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, Isaac and his staff will make you better, stronger, and your overall fitness will improve dramatically.

Thanks RST!”


fix back pain bangor maine“One statement I almost never use is “life changing”.

Things affect your life everyday but are not “life changing”. I have a bad back, a really bad back, I had a disk removed at age 25, and it most definitely changed my life. I went from being somewhat active to slowly dwindling my activity level down until my body was so stiff at 34 that I had to get on my hands and knee to let the beagle out on her run.

The things I used to love I avoided because I physically couldn’t do them, and when I did do them I was sore for weeks. I gained weight and had tried all sorts of things to loose it including running (didn’t do much for me) and going to another personal trainer who did not understand back injuries and caused more harm then good.

With encouragement from my Aunt who has been with Isaac for two years I decided to make time to go to the gym. I went in with a sore hip, an incredibly stiff and sore back, and was just plain worn out.

feel healthy bangor maineHere is where the “life changing” statement comes in play; working with Isaac has been truly life changing. I have not felt as good as I do today since high school. I am much more flexible and relatively pain free. I can now fly out of bed and then BEND over and hook the dog out. I can tie my shoes without contorting to do so. Daily life has become so much better. I no longer take pain medicine to dull the agony. I have started doing things that I never thought I would do again like playing a game of baseball with my family, keeping up with my boys ages 6 and 12 who are very active outdoorsmen. I no longer worry about getting in and out of my kayak and I am noticeable more energetic. Life Changing!

Isaac’s steady and calm methods have been amazing. I have lost 10lbs and numerous inches since beginning with him six months ago. I would recommend anyone with a physical ailment that is slowing down his or her life to go to work with Isaac and regain your life back.”

-Rebecca Lebel
Brooksville, Maine


“I met Isaac about a year ago through a mutual friend at a local health/fitness club.  I soon discovered that he and I had a passion for developing athletes in order to help them achieve their goals in sports.  I have been coaching high school football and track for over 25 years and I have always been very involved with strength and speed development of our athletes.

I had seen Isaac work with some of the area’s local athletes and I was very impressed with his knowledge of all the areas of athletic development, so I did a very smart thing and asked him to come help out our football team this fall.  I wanted Isaac to speak to our team about some general nutritional issues that our players were having.
In addition to football practice, most of the players were in a weightlifting class every day. Although we did not lift heavy during the season, I noticed our players were just running out of gas during practice.  I coach at a rural school and Isaac drove an hour (at his expense) to speak to our two weightlifting classes.  He did a great job.  The players liked him instantly because he knows how to relate to them.  He gave them some very useful and practical information about eating habits because anyone who is in the schools knows that teenagers do not eat the right kind of food.  Many of the players asked Isaac specific questions about their own problems and Isaac answered them in a way that the players would understand.  I know many of them changed some of their eating habits that day.  I still have many of those same athletes tell me that they are eating better and they have more energy for school and sports since Isaac spoke to them.”

David Pratt
Assistant Football Coach, Woodland High School


“My name is Katie Chambers and I’ve worked with Isaac for about a month.  During that month we worked on increasing muscle and stamina through various exercises.  This helped me out a lot because before I was training with him I was doing the wrong workouts to get in shape for my college soccer team and couldn’t understand why there were never any results.

I’m a forward for my soccer team and before I thought just running a couple of miles a day would get me in shape for preseason but I was extremely misunderstood.  Now that I’ve worked all muscles possible I’m very confident going into tryouts in a couple of days due to his help and support.  I’ll definitely be interested in doing this again next summer!”

Katie Chambers
St. Joseph’s College Soccer


wedding personal training bangor maine“Isaac is a fantastic trainer.  I was dreading getting in shape for my wedding.  It had been a long time since I had done anything close to working out and being a smoker I didn’t think that would help much.  Isaac made the experience much more enjoyable.  He was very encouraging weven when I wanted to quit.  He made the hour workouts go by in a snap.  At the end of the three months I felt healthier (also had quit smoking), was in better shape, and looked great on my wedding day (lost 3″ from the waist and 4% body fat) thanks to Isaac.  I would highly recommend him and his skills to anyone looking to learn more about the fitness and health world or just looking for someone to encourage you to get to the gym.”

Kelley Wildman
Charleston, SC


“I am a woman in my sixties and two years ago I walked into a fitness center completely out of shape and weighing over 280 pounds. All I thought of at that time was loosing weight and becoming as fit as I could for my age.  It was just the “luck of the draw” that I was introduced to Isaac.  That is where this testimonial begins.

I have always been athletic and trained in classical ballet for twenty years.  However that was thirty years ago. I had no idea that I was in such bad shape.  I couldn’t even do 5 minutes on the treadmill without my heart racing. Little by little, Isaac worked with me and my body began to respond.  I felt so much better.  I had no idea how this was accomplished as Isaac makes his plans for you and you just do as he asks. I was put on a food plan and within six months I had lost thirty pounds.  We started out with machines and switched to free weights and that is where I began to fall in love.

In the next year I realized that I was very strong and could accomplish all I wanted if I really tried.  I became completely in love with exercise.  Isaac makes it very easy with his quiet insistence when your head wanders and always knows just how hard to push you physically.  Our workouts are always varied and I am never bored.

I have become very interested in powerlifting and with Isaac’s help will realize my goal of competing in my age group in the next year.  I have now lost almost sixty pounds and have started to run a little.  If I can have results like this then anyone can.

I have totally changed my life and it is all because of Isaac and his belief in me.
So you see, it is really a testimonial and a love letter. A testimonial about my journey and a love letter to the person who taught me to love my body again and believe in my future.

I couldn’t do it without you, Isaac.”

Linda Graham


cure back pain bangor maine“I’ve lived a pretty adventurous life, competing in everything from sailing to arm-wrestling to skiing.  As you can imagine, that rough and tumble lifestyle has taken it’s toll on my body.  The injuries, aches, and pains were really starting to add up and I was facing the idea that I might be out of commission soon.

Then I began working with Isaac.

Training with him has rebuilt my athleticism and restored my competitive energy.  My back is relatively pain-free.  I’m doing movements in the gym I haven’t been able to do for years… and setting records in them!  I’m able to work at my camp throwing wood and other heavy tasks for hours on end.  Not only can I do them, I don’t feel like I’ve been hit by a truck the next day!

The hard work has been worth it every day that I walk around with less pain and more energy.  I’m looking forward to new challenges and even am thinking about getting back into arm-wrestling!
-Sid Malone
Bangor, ME


“I paid for this???!!!” I wondered as sweat dripped over every inch of my body and I completed what seemed like the 500th deadlift of my afternoon training session.  Yes, I did choose to pay for this training “torture” with Isaac Wilkins, and truthfully… I loved it.  I loved it for the confidence I gained in my physical appearance, for the strength I discovered I never knew I had, and for the joy I discovered exercise could bring to me.  All of this happened in just 12 weeks under Isaac’s guidance.

During this time I lost 7% body fat, gained ten pounds of muscle, and lost 10 pounds of fat.  The greatest part of this success was that the gains I made didn’t come from spending hours at the gym each day of the week.  Through Isaac’s guidance, I learned how to work out in just 45-minute sessions four days a week and get… RESULTS!!!

I know have friends and colleagues complimenting my appearance, and I don’t hesitate tot tell them that the guidance and expertise of Isaac Wilkins was what helped me achieve these results.  Isaac is incredible knowledgeable about all aspects of physical training and was able to answer any question that I may have had.  I am ever so grateful for the support, guidance, and humor he showed each step of the way during our weekly training sessions.  He is truly gifted in his field and would benefit anyone who is dedicated to working to achieve a greater level of fitness.

Valerie Bassett


“I believe there are certain people in life that you are just suppose to meet. I believe I was supposed to meet Isaac Wilkins. I am a 39-year-old woman who about 2 years ago was pregnant with twins. I gained over 40 pounds during the pregnancy and my body became unrecognizable to me. I felt weak and totally out of shape.

When I first met Isaac I told him one of my goals was to be able to do at least ten real pushups. I did not believe I could ever do them. When I did not believe in myself, Isaac believed in me. He told me that I would be able to do them and even more!

I can now do 5 sets of ten real pushups, and feel fabulous and strong. His workouts are not easy, but I did not want easy. I needed someone who would be tough on me. But what is so great about Isaac is that he is not “in your face” tough.

And, because he is so experienced and professional, he is very intuitive to what your individual needs are. He has a great way of knowing what you need to do to get into shape and get as strong as you would like to get. It then boils down to how bad you really want it.

Once you get a taste of feeling very physically strong, it is very motivating. I believe that when you feel physically strong, it affects EVERY other aspect of your life in a positive way.

I can highly recommend Isaac to anyone of any age. You will lose weight and become stronger than you ever could imagine. I was suppose to meet Isaac and will be forever grateful to him for inspiring me to be the best I can be.”

-Yvonne Hunt


“After my mom had two small strokes, I decided to take better care of myself.  I went to the doctor for a check-up, and he recommended that I start exercising five times a week with a combination of the elliptical and weight training.  I am forty-three years old.  My job is sedentary.  I could not walk up a set of stairs without being out of breath.  I weighted 277 lbs when I joined Pivotal Fitness in November 2005.

Isaac Wilkins did my check-in.  He showed me how to use the elliptical and set of weight machines.  He occasionally worked with me.  After one grueling session we discussed having him as my personal trainer.

Isaac is a great trainer.  Ask any of the other trainers.  He is encouraging, has the schooling, and has a dry wit.  He has designed a workout program for what I need.  My doctor recommended cardio training, so that is how we began.  Before I started training, I improved what I ate.  For the first couple of weeks, he made no changes in my diet.  My homework (yes, he assigns homework!) was to write down whatever I ate.  The changes he made were simple – no weird supplements, just add fish oil and a vitamin to my diet.  After another couple of weeks he added protein to my breakfast to make it last longer.  He has made slow changes in my diet as well as in my exercises.  He adds or changes exercises as my abilities increase.  He keeps the exercises varied, challenging, and suited to where I am.

After working with Isaac for four months, I have lost over thirty pounds and stairs are no longer the challenge they once were.  I eat better, I am stronger, I exercise better, and I have more stamina.  I feel better!  Simple tasks like cleaning the floors and carrying laundry are easier.

I need accountability and guidance for improving my fitness level.  I have lost weight, increased my strength and stamina, and generally improved how I feel.  Choosing Isaac as my personal trainer is one of the best decision of my life.”

Jay C. Postlewaite, PhD


football training bangor maine“My name is GreenWaveOT, and I am currently a student-athlete at Summerville High School.  I play football and am being looked at by several colleges for recruitment.  This last school year was my junior year.  Most athletes have the choice to take a P.E. credit class:  Weight Training, to work out and get stronger during school.  I didn’t get to take this class during my second semester because of my enrollment in a SAT Prep class.  I knew I had to find a place to work out and have a trainer to guide me into becoming a much stronger and faster college prospect.  The Pivotal was a convenient place to work out and they also have a great training staff.  I was immediately greeted by a trainer named Isaac Wilkins.  I was told that he is a great trainer, and especially excels in athletic training.

My initial goals were to get stronger, faster, and lose at least 15-20 lbs of fat.  Isaac put me on a nutrition plan, which included a higher protein intake.  I first started to notice that I was gaining weight, but I was losing body fat and gaining muscle.  The following facts are over a three-month period:  I started at 300 lbs and gained 8 to become a total of 308.  I lost 6% body fat overall, and accomplished both goals of getting faster and stronger.  I managed to take almost half a second on the 40-yard dash, and increased from 6 to 20 reps in the 185 lb bench press test.  Even though I am heavier than when I first started, I have become much faster and stronger.  I am by far in the best shape that I have ever been in.

I do plan on continuing my membership at Pivotal Fitness.  I am confident that I will hire Isaac as a trainer once again after the hectic beginning of the season rolls over.  He is a great guy and has a great personality.  We have a lot of common things to talk about; it’s not just business.   He also plans to tell me what I can do now that the session is over and I am on my own.  I know that he is the only trainer I have ever had, but I believe he is one of the best.  His knowledge of health and his experience is what makes him great.  All the stuff that he taught me technique-wise I use at school with all the players working out.  My form and technique couldn’t be better.  I could go on forever talking about how wonderful and hardworking the training I received was.  I recommend Isaac Wilkins not just to the athletes, but to everyone.  He is truly a great trainer and I cannot wait to see him at some of my football games!”

***This young man was a three-year starting offensive lineman for the Summerville High Green Wave, ranked 15th Nationally at that time.  He is currently a scholarship athlete playing NCAA football and his name cannot be used for endorsements***




To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 29 year-old male bartender who travels between Lake Tahoe, CA and Ocean City, MD.  When we met six weeks ago, April 26th, I needed to accomplish four personal goals in a short time:

·    Improve Stamina
·    Increase Flexibility
·    Muscle Toning
·    Weight Loss

Thanks to you in just 18 appointments, I have been able to accomplish those four goals. I was able to lose over 10 pounds of body fat (4%), while increasing my lean muscle mass by over five pounds.  Your advice for my nutrition, changing my weight training routine and cardiovascular training was very helpful.  I would highly recommend your training program to any of your clients to accomplish their physical and mental goals.


D. Michael Brooks


“I started training with Isaac Wilkins in the beginning of May 2006.  My goals were to build more symmetry and to gain about 10 lbs of muscle.  I trained two times a week for three months, plus another two days a week with a program specifically designed by Isaac for me to follow on my own tie.  After the first month I had already noticed that I had grown in my chest and that my symmetry had improved.  Also, I had gone from 17% body fat down to 14%.  After the three months of training were over, I had gained 10 lbs of muscle, my symmetry had improved, and I was down to 12% body fat.

This training session not only improved my physique, it also increased my power.  I am a dedicated golfer and power is a big part of the golf swing.  Stability and strength are the key features that allow a golfer to harness the power needed to gain distance.  My distance on average improved 30 yards with all of my clubs.  This improved distance dropped my scores from the low 80s to the mid 70s from the tips.  It’s nice to be able to keep up with the guys that can hit 300-yard drives.

Finally, this training session taught me a good amount about weight lifting.  Now I am able to do a variety of different exercises that keep my workout enjoyable instead of the same routine every day.  It taught me better technique and some good stabilization exercises that allow me to avoid hundreds of crunches.  The improvement in both these areas increased my squats 100lbs in only a month.  Overall, I would recommend anyone who is looking to get in shape to see Isaac.”


Jeff Wass


“I am 44 and enjoy aerobics and step classes.  About 2 years ago I decided to try weight training.  I was mainly a cardio person.  I didn’t have a lot of body strength.  I wanted more muscle definition.

I started training with Isaac about 8 weeks ago.  After writing down everything I ate each day, Isaac discovered I wasn’t eating enough fats, carbohydrates, and protein.  I tried other trainers in the past but I didn’t know until now that my diet was the problem.  Isaac changed my diet.  After several weeks of training I already noticed a difference in this short period of time.

I plan to continue with Isaac’s workout routine and better eating habits.  Thank you Isaac!”

Tammy Owsley


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