Relentless Family Spotlight – Angie Plummer

relentless strength training member spotlight angie plummer

Angie is one of our longest-term members here at Relentless!  In the time I’ve worked with her I’ve seen her become stronger, take on running (half-marathons!), and (most importantly) make HUGE strides in her confidence and excitement in life.  It’s been an amazing journey and we at Relentless are all so proud to have a little part in her story.  Get’em, Ang!

Angie Plummer

How would you describe your situation before joining, and what did you want to change?
I have been training with Isaac Wilkins since 2009. I was always overweight then lost 100 plus pounds on my own with diet and cardio excercise. With Isaac’s guidance it was to tone my body And put it through different exercises to work on where I hit a roadblock in my own fitness.

What were you most apprehensive about?
Lifting….I was under the impression I would “bulk up”.

What is one of the first things you noticed after starting?
I noticed how helpful the staff was and that I didn’t “bulk up”. I actually toned more and was taught the right way to do exercises so I didn’t risk injury.

angie plummer relentless strength training bangor maineWould you take a second to describe how you are now and what’s changed?
I live an active lifestyle now. Not afraid to do technically challenging hikes,runs, or certain physical activities because of the workouts at Relentless Strength. I am definitely stronger, but my confidence in my body is better as well. I know I can push my physical capabilities out of my comfort zone and I will be ok. My time at Relentless Strength has been empowering physically and mentally. I feel like I know more about the strength of my body.

What would you say to anyone who was thinking of joining?
Do it!!!!
Joining Relentless Strength has been a great choice for me. I was never an athlete, and now feel that do to the level of workouts that are created and we successfully do at Relentless I can easily see myself as more athletic. This gym will push you out of your comfort zone in a good way. Great gym, great staff, and great workouts.

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Relentless Family Spotlight – Kyle Mitchell

Kyle mitchell relentless strength trainingKyle joined us through one of our challenges as a longtime runner who wanted to gain a little muscle and strength while STILL being able to put in a competitive 5-10k time.  Throughout his time here, he’s not only accomplished that, but he’s brought so much more to us with his great attitude, quiet sense of humor, and hard-working inspiration and support for others.

Kyle Mitchell

How would you describe your situation before joining Relentless, and what did you want to change?
Before joining relentless I did a lot of running to stay in shape. I always wanted to get stronger, but really struggled to do that on my own. I was always lacking a direction in any strength training I tried to do on my own. Any kind of lifting I tried to do would fizzle out within a few weeks.

What were you most apprehensive about?
I was most apprehensive about the whole thing really. It was taking a big step out of my comfort zone to message Isaac about starting. Let alone showing up at relentless and working out that first day. But Isaac and all the coaches really made everything a great experience and put me at ease about things right from the start.

What is one of the first things you noticed after starting?
Having never really done the gym thing, one of the first things I noticed was how nice and willing to help all of the coaches were. Also it was within a couple weeks of going I started noticing a lot of things getting easier in the gym that had been a real struggle at first.

kyle mitchell relentless strength training bottoms-up tguWould you take a second to describe how you are now and what’s changed?
Having been at Relentless for almost a year now, I can’t believe how far I have come. I feel like I still have a long way to go. But I love the process and still see progress in things week to week. I don’t know that I would have ever thought I could have come this far.

What would you say to anyone who was thinking of joining?
Do it! You won’t regret it. I really can’t say enough good things about relentless, all the coaches, and all the other members. Relentless is really an amazing place. They can help you no matter what your goals are and you will have a great time doing it.

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What It Means To Live The Relentless Lifestyle

relentless strength trainingOne of the most important things we try to impress upon people when they join Relentless Strength Training is that you’re not joining “a gym”.

Sure, we are a gym/exercise facility/personal training studio/athlete development center/whatever you want to label us as.  We actually prefer “Transformation Center”.

The reason we call ourselves a Transformation Center is because we aren’t just a place where you come in, have some great workouts, throw up a peace sign, and get a fist bump on your way out the door.

Instead, we are here to change you and help you become who you want to be (or more accurately to help you enhance and express who you probably already are) and take it to the next level.

We will help you learn and live your best self.  That’s what we mean by The Relentless Lifestyle.
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