​We're launching our new virtual fitness coaching program, and you're invited to apply for one of our ten Case Study positions.

​Are you looking for a way to not just improve your fitness, physique, and nutrition but to ALSO take on and dismantle the roadblocks that keep you from fitness success? This is actually the same four-week training that all new members of our training facility, Relentless Strength Training, receive to prepare them on their fitness journey.  As opposed to just teaching "working out", at Relentless we're committed to developing and refining the skills required to have a strong, healthy  fitness lifestyle. Some of the common roadblocks we'll tackle are:

  • Life and Overall Stress, which hurts your focus, chews up your time, and saps you of your energy!
  • ​Busy Schedules, which make it tough to find the time to get a workout in.
  • ​Unstructured and Unplanned Eating, which has you settling for food that you know isn't moving you in the right direction.
  • Cravings and having a "Sweet Tooth" that seems to sabotage all of your fitness goals.
  • ​​Feeling unsure about what to do in the gym, so you stick with the same old boring (and unproductive) things, or even worse it becomes a source of anxiety and you don't go at all!
  • ​Feeling like you don't have a plan for your exercise, nutrition, and life management and not making progress.

All of that can all get in the way of you achieving the fitness success you're looking for!

​We specialize in removing those roadblocks and simplifying your path with coaching, real tactics, experience, and education.

Ok, time for the details.  We're launching our new coaching program and calling it "RelentlessU".  To get it kicked off, we're looking for ​TEN Case Studies who will, in exchange for a great promotional offer, be willing to let us document their success.

First off, this four-week program is ​ENTIRELY ​ONLINE, so you can do it from anywhere you have an internet connection.  Within it, you'll receive:

  • ​Weekly training programs designed for both home users (no equipment) and those who belong to a commercial gym, complete with videos and coaching tips.  You'll know exactly what exercises to do, how much of them, and set up on a flexible schedule.
  • A dedicated coach who'll be working with you to help you throughout the course.
  • DAILY accountability and learning (built into small, easy to implement chunks) to keep you on track but not be overwhelming.
  • Help tackling the big pieces of a sound, lasting fitness lifestyle program, one-by-one.  ​Each week we'll handle a different area:  Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset and Habits, and how to tie it all together and make a lifelong plan you can actually ​integrate into your busy life.
  • You'll learn how to master your own nutrition program by getting a handle on the basics and how to put the pieces together to something you'll actually be able to implement... in your current lifestyle.  No crazy, elaborate nutrition plans, hardcore restriction, or having to alienate your friends and family!
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    We'll cover the main aspects of a training plan so you won't feel lost when you walk into a gym.  Instead you'll know exactly what to do that day.
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    The real killer of most programs is that they're made for people with seemingly unlimited schedules and perfect lives... then there's the rest of us.  So we'll be covering stress management, health habit forming, and other tips to work WITH your life and smooth it out.
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    An active group of people who have been right where you are or are still on their journey for support and ideas.

Common Questions

Are you really limiting it to ten people, or is this one of those internet marketing, fake scarcity things?
Yes! This the same process we bring a new member into our gym with, except with more instructional videos, etc because you're not *here*.  So with that in mind, we're trying to make sure we can really focus on helping you as much as possible before we open it up to the greater public.  To do that job, we're limiting the number pretty substantially, as well as offering it at a great price.

Who is RelentlessU for?
A wide range of fitness levels can participate in this program, as we'll be working from where you ARE and where you want to go, while focusing on nutrition.  If you're an intermediate fitness enthusiast, we have options.  If you're brand new and fired up about changing your body, we have options.

I would say that if you're an advanced athlete, this probably isn't the program for you.  Also, if you have any current or major chronic injuries.  Since we're not working with you in person, I'd recommend you go to a local specialist instead, if that applies to you.

What is the nutrition plan like?
We're going to be focused on teaching HOW to make nutrition choices that suit your goals and your lifestyle, as opposed to doing a hard "EAT ONLY THESE FOODS"-type plan.  Those plans often DO work, but as you probably know, not forever.  They're a band-aid solution.  We're focusing on long-term health and ability to perform at your best through nutrition.  So, in a nutshell, it'll be real food, used sensibly, so you can still live the life you want.

The cost for the full four weeks of coaching, plans, and everything else is $59.

​Fill in your data below and we'll take you to the simple application ​for one of the 10 Case Study Spots​!

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