Be Relentless Podcast Monday Quick Hit 33 – The Bleeding Effect

Most of you know I’ve been on a fitness revamp of my own over the past weeks. I’ve talked about it on a few forms of media, including this podcast, and will do some more in the future.

The need for the revamp came from a variety of reasons, such as fighting depression, injury, and all of that other stuff.

Today made for 75 straight days of cardio.  Trust me, I’ve never done a streak like that and it’s provided some insights. That’s a lot of time with the headphones in, trapped with your own thoughts…

Mostly, I didn’t realize how bad I felt or how much being out of shape was bleeding into other areas of my life:

My business
My relationship
My friendships
My overall health
My self esteem
My self image

All of those were suffering and I basically ignored them.

We all know that isn’t good, but it wasn’t as obvious to me until this journey. Now, I’ve got a different perspective. Listen below!

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