Be Relentless Podcast Monday Quick Hit 28 – Move the Chains

be relentless podcast monday quick hit 28 - move the chainsOne of my mentors regularly uses the phrase “Move the Chains” in our conversations and it’s become a mantra that I’ve absorbed. In the game of football, the idea is to keep moving the ball down the field to eventually score a touchdown. In a perfect world, you’d do it in one shot.

Just like in life, that rarely happens.

Instead, a football “drive”, as it’s called can often take eight, ten, or fifteen plays before there’s a score. But you know what? It’s still the same number of points on the board whether it’s one play or fifteen.

Most people get the concept of driving down the field. Focusing on the small wins. Moving the marker chains with each play until eventually you score.

I think there’s something else there, though.

You see, every time you “move the chains” and get a new set of downs, that’s four more chances to score or at least make a big play. That’s four more chances for a big shot to open up for you. So moving the chains isn’t just about keeping forward momentum, although that’s a big deal. Moving the chains is also about giving yourself more, and better, chances to make a big play. Instead of forcing an attempt at a big play, which often doesn’t work, you’re allowing the laws of progress to give you opportunities for the big play to open for you… so you can strike when your chances are better.

Whether you’re playing football or talking about life, it’s still the same: Move those chains.

Listen to the podcast below, or if you’d prefer to read the transcript, download it here!

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