Be Relentless Podcast Monday Quick Hit 27 – What’s Your Win?

Keep the goal the goalbe relentless podcast monday quick hit 27 - what is your win?
-Dan John

Dan is one of my favorite fitness authors and he’s well known for delivering simple but powerful messages. I am in agreement with him in that a lot of people get so caught up in their journey that they stray from the overall goal if they don’t keep it in mind.

However, I think a lot of that problem starts even before that:

I think that they don’t know how to measure their success because they never truly clarify what a Win is for them.

Not what the media says.

Not what the marketers say.

Not what Tammy down the street says.

Not what I say.

Not what your parents, spouse, (and almost certainly not) your kids say.

For you.

What is a Win and Success for you?

If you’d like a transcript of this episode, download it here!

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