Be Relentless Podcast Monday Quick Hit 26 – The Hidden Threat Holding You Back

Be relentless podcast episode 26Stress.

It’s a word we here from all of the media around us. Clamoring. Shouting. Warning.

Quite frankly, half the time we’re stressed about stress. .
The thing is, as humans we’re really good at handling stressors. That’s why we still exist, from a biology perspective. We have very good systems for handling stress, learning from it, and overcoming it.

Stress makes us who we are.

There are, though, limits to the stress that we can absorb and build from. We can basically be in some percentage of protection from stress and growth. It’s kind of a percentage thing.

Just a little stress gives us stimulus and opens us up to lots of growth.

Too much stress and we clamp down, afraid or unable to grow. From an evolutionary perspective, this heavy stress was brief, focused, and infrequent, so it gave lots of opportunity between bouts to grow.

Now, though, we have lots of low-level, chronic stress: Mortgages, pollution, advertisements, screens, reports at work, etc. So we’re always running around 30-40% (I am making that up, but you get the point) stressed. So when we do get a big stressor, we overload and don’t grow. Instead we get fat, weak, and sick.

Want to make the most progress? Reduce your low-level, chronic stress. Clear the clutter. Hydrate. Meditate. Get outside. Listen to or play music. Do cardio. Sleep more.

My most successful clients are always the ones who manage their life stress the best.  Listen below!

If you’d like a transcript of this podcast, download it here!

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