What It Means To Live The Relentless Lifestyle

relentless strength trainingOne of the most important things we try to impress upon people when they join Relentless Strength Training is that you’re not joining “a gym”.

Sure, we are a gym/exercise facility/personal training studio/athlete development center/whatever you want to label us as.  We actually prefer “Transformation Center”.

The reason we call ourselves a Transformation Center is because we aren’t just a place where you come in, have some great workouts, throw up a peace sign, and get a fist bump on your way out the door.

Instead, we are here to change you and help you become who you want to be (or more accurately to help you enhance and express who you probably already are) and take it to the next level.

We will help you learn and live your best self.  That’s what we mean by The Relentless Lifestyle.

To train at Relentless you’re expected to become an active participant in your training and your life.  Wherever you’re coming from now, that’s ok.  We’ll meet you there.  Are you coming from 15 years on the couch, just got served some bad news from your doctor or your significant other, and don’t even know where to begin but feel like life is crumbling?

Yeah, we have A LOT of people here who have been there and have climbed that mountain, or are in the process of it.  We (and they) can give you a hand.

Did you just get promoted to varsity and, even though you’re feeling pretty good, know that you need to take your game to the next level to get that college scholarship?  We have athletes who are on exactly that road and have earned that scholarship.

Are you generally happy with your fitness but know that there’s another level waiting out there if you can just unlock it?  Tell that to our Relentless Strength Training elite Obstacle Course Racers, competitive lifters, and runners.  We’ve got’em.

relentless success pyramidAnd none of it happens by accident.  It happens because they’ve adopted the Relentless Lifestyle of:

A)  Being honest with where you’re at.

B)  Being honest with where you want to go, kicking your limiting beliefs in the ‘parts, and ALLOWING yourself that successful vision.

C)  Doing the things you need to do within AND outside of our doors to move you toward the target in Step B.

D)  Having a damn good time doing it and learning to love the process.

Look, the point is that everyone, everywhere has something that they are trying to improve.  No matter how put together someone is (or seems to be) there’s some part of them or their life that they’d like to make better.  What you’re trying to level up on might not be on the same scale as someone else’s target, obviously, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t tremendously important to you or them… and that makes it important to us and to the rest of the Relentless community.

We make jokes about Relentless Strength Training being the “Island of Misfit Toys” (after the old Rudolph Christmas cartoon) because all of our members seem just a little bit off, in their own way.  Upon reflection, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.  I don’t think that (in general) the Relentless Family is any more bizarre than any other mixed group, but I DO think that we’ve created a space where you’re allowed to be you and as long as you’re heading towards the goal of making yourself and everyone else better, you belong.

So let’s call it like we see it, discard the baggage, grab life by the horns, and talk a little smack along the way.

And we’ll still give you that fist bump on your way out the door to hold you over until we see you again.

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