Relentless Strength Online Manomorphosis Challenge Start-up

Welcome to the Relentless Strength Online Manomorphosis Challenge!

I’m excited to get you guys going.

Here’s how it’s going to go down:

  1.  If you’re not already in the Facebook Group, then join it here.  We’ll be doing most of our communication and coaching in there, and you guys can be getting support and bouncing ideas off of each other.
  2. We need some basic measurements to see how you guys progress:  Early this week email me your weight, the inches of your waist at the height of your navel (not the same as your pants waist), and some before pics from the front or the side.  You can wear a shirt or not.  As an example, check out Allan here, who crushed one of our in-gym Challenges:
  3. Here is our nutrition manual.  Start with this and we’ll be building the background science up as the Challenge goes on.
  4. Here is our recipe guide.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’ll give you some ideas on Smoothies, Breakfasts, and Lunch/Dinner options.
  5. Here is a document that will help you understand the workout notation, some Mobility Circuits, and give you a sample Workout Schedule.
  6. Here are the “In-Gym” workouts.  These workouts are designed to be done in a simple gym, using barbells and dumbbells.  Where you see some kettlebells being used, you can switch those out for dumbbells if you don’t have them.  If you’re a garage gym guy or belong to a public gym, these are your workouts.  You’ll see I left this as an editable document so that you can make notes, record your weights, etc.
  7. Here are the “In-Home” and 10:00 Quick workouts.  These workouts are done with just your bodyweight.  Even if you’re a gym guy, you’re welcome to supplement with some of these.
  8. You’ll be receiving an email inviting you to download our app “MyCoach” and join up to our Challenge.  This will be how we deliver our daily accountability and lessons.  Basically, you’ll have a very few (usually one) habit(s) that you’re working on each week.  Every day you’ll receive a notification asking you if you succeeded in your habit.  Hit the check if yes, the x if no.  You’ll then get a short daily lesson.  My coaches and I will see if you’re hitting your checks or not.  If you respond, you’ll get points.  The goal is obviously more “yesses”, but we’re really viewing it as a way to help you:  If you’re on point and can hit yes, then awesome!  If not, and I see a lot of no’s, then I or a coach will reach out to help you.  If you don’t answer, then we know we need to check in for accountability!

I’ll see you guys in the Facebook Group!  I can’t wait to meet you all!

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