Be Relentless Podcast Episode 42 – Walking Out of Comfortable Misery

Walking Out of Comfortable Misery.

This is definitely the hardest podcast I’ve done in a while. However, I think that as a coach it’s important to put things out there and share the lessons that I’ve learned from my experience, and boy, have I picked up some stuff.

In this episode I give you kind of a quick and dirty version of:

-How I got into strength training in the first place.
-How that strength training saved me and became my “suit of armor”
-When that suit of armor stopped saving me and became a prison that I had locked myself into.
-The trigger that smashed it all home and left me in a state of comfortable misery.
-How I dealt with the “comfortable misery” that so many of us feel and what it drove me to.
-The simple thing that I did to start forging my way out of it.
-How this simple thing has transformed my life over the last few weeks.
-How you can implement it in your own life if you’re battling.

Listen here!

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