Be Relentless Podcast Episode 41 – Supplements 101

be relentless podcast episode 41 - supplements 101If you spend any time in the fitness universe, it’s not going to be long before you’re assaulted by supplement ads.

Every time you turn around there’s a loud advertisement in your face promising that this pill, powder, capsule, shake, cream, or whatever is going to be THE fix to whatever you have going on.

Just like the old traveling snake-oil selling “doctors” of yester-year, the supplement business is full of a lot of people talking loud, fast, and trying to sell you some questionable stuff.

Are there any supplements that are actually worth taking, though?


In this podcast I go into:

-WHEN you should consider taking supplements, and IF they are even a useful part of your plan.

-My “Basics”: The supplements that, if you meet the above qualifications, probably would be your first go-tos.

-The “Next Level”: The supplements that might be useful layered on top of the Basics.

-What to look for in a supplement and supplement company to make sure you’ve got a reputable company.

-The biggest thing that shady supplement companies do to mask the sneaky stuff they do that saves them money and takes it out of your pocket… with poor results to boot.

Want to get the down-low on the Supplement game?

Give it a listen below!

If you prefer to read the transcript, then get it here.

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