Be Relentless Podcast Episode 40 – Building Your Fitness Plan Framework

be relentless podcast 40 - building your fitness program frameworkFitness, Nutrition, Mindset, everything is easier if you have a framework to go from.

That’s why I developed the Relentless Success Pyramid to help the Relentless members frame their journeys and I’d like to share it with you.

As you can see, there are four parts to the pyramid. In this podcast, I went over three of the first steps we take with almost all of our new clients to introduce them to the pyramid, get them making great progress, and build the foundation of their fitness journey.

Those four pieces are:

The Relentless Mindset
We start with building the right mindset, because if the mind isn’t in it, this whole fitness and life project you’re on is starting from a weak foundation.

-I talk about the secret “bank account” you have with yourself, and if it’s low, you’ll struggle.

-We get into the mindset shift that has to happen to take you from “I’m X” to “how can I be Y”?

-I bring up the one question that I love to ask people when they’re stuck on really nailing down their goals.

Supportive Nutrition
Next I get into the basics of how we handle nutrition from a habit perspective, not micromanaging every gram of carbohydrate. That stuff has its place, but it’s not the starting point for most.

-When it comes to nutrition, lots of people jump on a complicated diet… trying to run before they crawl. The result is the same as the metaphorical baby – They fall. Instead, here’s where we start to help our family members avoid that stumble.

-Then we get into the BIG THREE that we address with pretty much everyone when it comes to nutrition. Controlling these three variables will have a greater effect on your physique and health than almost everything else combined.

-Next we get into the one missing link that many people seem to skip over that causes a lot of stumbling and back-sliding and how we avoid that.

Smart Training
NOW, on a “fitness podcast” we get to training!

-Ok, so what’s the foundation of training and where do most people screw it up? I get into it.

-Once you’ve built the foundation, what’s the next layer? This is an often misunderstood one and I get into it here.

-Finally, I talk about the dial we turn to move the first two points up a notch.

-Aaaaand the last piece of the pyramid is the Kaisen principle: Making a small improvement every day and stacking those wins until you’ve created a masterpiece.

Interested in those points? Give it a listen!

If you’re interested in the FREE 4-Elemental-S’s e-book mentioned in the podcast, you can get that here.

If you’d like to read a transcript of this podcast, grab that here!

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