Be Relentless Podcast Episode 39 – Goal Setting 101 Workshop

be relentless podcast episode 39 - goal setting 101A goal without a plan isn’t really a goal, it’s a wish. Most people spend too much time in the “wish” area and ultimately are unsatisfied because they never really nail down what they’re trying to accomplish. In this episode I’m going to fix that!

This episode is the podcast version of the seminar I did for Relentless Members at the gym about Goal Setting, minus the pauses for writing time that we took throughout that workshop.

I’m going to share with you:

The old SMART Principle of Goal Setting, how it applies and where it doesn’t.

The Three Big Exercises I have clients go over to work on their goals:

-The number one tool to take your current negative talk and turn it around.

-Your cue to be able to build better goal-setting sentences.

-Your number one exercise to clear the clutter from your brain and get your goals clear.

After that, I go into:

What do you do when you see a goal, but the way looks rocky?

How to anchor goals to achieve the greatest effect?

How to break up goals to turn them into daily wins that build up to a big one?

Ready to nail down your goals so you can start accomplishing them? Give it a listen!

If you’d prefer to read a transcript, then download it here!

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