Be Relentless Podcast Episode 38 – How To Get the Support Your Fitness Journey Needs

One of the biggest keys to success in a fitness/health transformation, especially over the long term, isn’t just the will to succeed. It’s not just the vision. It’s not even just the knowledge.

I’ve been fortunate to have been part of a lot of fitness transformations, and time and time again the successful have SUPPORT.

As a matter of fact, a big box gym I used to work at used to say that 80% of people who didn’t have a personal trainer, workout buddy, or supportive spouse would fail to reach their workout goals. Now, I don’t know if that number is accurate, but it’s not outside the realm of reason.

So, how do you get support?

What if your spouse is always “sabotaging” you?

What if your friends are always trying to pull you out to Margarita Night, even though they know you’re on a diet?

Getting the help you need can be way harder than most people feel it should be. So with that in mind, in this podcast I go over the Five Step Process to help your support team stop sabotaging you and start lifting you up.

You’ll learn:

-The fundamental mindset difference that can totally change your conversation about support.
-How that conversation can go wrong and how to help smooth it out.
-The way you look at things might not be the same as the other person, and how to work with it.
-The way to build a support team without going out and trying to drag them along, kicking and screaming!


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