Be Relentless Podcast Episode 36 – Building Healthy Eating Habits for Busy People

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Today I’m going to tackle eating to support your body, WHILE still dealing with your busy schedule.  Beyond that, I’m going to go into not just a few tips and tricks (although they’re in there), but also how to build eating better into a HABIT, so it becomes automatic and sticks with you.

Look, we’re all busy.

Between work, family, travel, hitting the gym, and every other activity that life throws at us, you can find yourself eating on the run a lot. Sure, it’d be great if every meal was home-cooked, and you were able to prep everything… but that probably doesn’t happen.

So in this podcast I’m going to break down some tips on eating on the run AND how to make that actually a habit that sticks.

I’ll go over:

-The THREE components of a habit and how often there’s something missing, which is why you don’t always make the right choice.
-How to “stack” those habit components to build upon each other, laying down a path to a healthy habit.
-Why the exact same approach has probably worked VERY well for you in the past to build a less desirable habit that you might have right now.
-How to make things easier to eat right at home, and how it messes me up when I don’t do it.
-My strategy for keeping night eating under control.
-My secret for getting veggies in on the run, which will probably make you laugh!
-What to do when you do get stuck at the drive-through, travel, or just end up going out to eat.
-The tricks restaurants often use that don’t help your nutrition, but help their bottom line.  We’ll go over how to dodge those bullets.

It IS possible to eat both great food and healthy food when you’re busy. These strategies will help you do it.


Want some extra help planning your next meal out?  Check out our free Healthy Restaurant Guide here!

Also, as a reminder, if you want to listen to older episodes of the podcast (there’s a lot of gold there), then they’re still at the Be Relentless Podcast homepage or on iTunes!

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