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Our Champions Program is focused on building youth athletes into the best they can be.

To help you or your athlete step to the top of the podium, run for 1000yd, go from JV to Varsity, or anything in between, there are a few things we will need to address:

Relentless Athlete Training Bangor Maine-Building Proper Technique:  Good technique allows you to work what you actually want to improve, keeps you safe, and sets the foundation for the highest level of success.  Learning good technique early and progressing only when YOU are ready (not when some calendar says so) is the cornerstone of our Champions Program.

-Strength Training:  All other things equal, the stronger athlete is going to be more explosive, be faster, and be more resilient to injury in order to get there first, come up with the ball, or stay strong until the end of the game.

-Speed and Agility Training:  Strength is important, but if you don’t practice being fast and agile, you’ll be leaving a lot on the table.  Our program is designed to help you build your speed, explosive power, and movement in all directions with training designed for your sport to keep you a step ahead of everyone else.

athlete training bangor maine healthy kids-Supportive Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching:  It’s all well and good to train hard and practice the right things, but if you aren’t giving the body what it needs to repair, recharge, and grow then you’ll always be a step behind.  We teach you simple, actionable plans that you can do to keep yourself in top shape, even as the season drags on.

-Building a Confident, Courageous, and Relentless Mindset:  Don’t be one of those athletes with all of the tools that never quite pulls it together on the field.  That is usually a confidence and focus issue.  We work hard on building the Relentless Mindset, as well as teaching discipline and citizenship within your training programs to give you that extra edge on the playing field and in life.

Interested in starting your Champion’s journey?  Simply drop a note and we’ll get you started with a Success Session!

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