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Are you familiar with how the term “Coach” came to be?  It’s from the term “Stagecoach”.  Back in the day, stagecoaches would pick passengers up from wherever they were and take them to where they wanted to go.

That’s what Relentless is all about.

You aren’t a number.  You aren’t just another body in a class.  You are an individual who has goals, needs, life circumstances, history, and that all plays a huge part in building the right program for YOU.

We are that Coach who meets you where you are now, looks at where you want to go as you become the hero of your own story, and stays with you on that path as you get there.

The Relentless Success Pyramid has four key components that we’ll use to help you along your journey:

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Julie B stretching her quads!

Smart Training:  Your training program is built for you, with your needs and goals in mind.  You are coached and progressed from the start all the way through your goals when YOU are ready to move on to the next step, not when some calendar or other people are.

Supportive Nutrition:  We focus on teaching you not only the best way to eat for your goals, but simple, effective strategies that actually make it enjoyable and easy.  The bottom line is, you’re probably not going to follow a nutrition plan for very long if it is complicated, gross, or hard to follow, so we focus on functional nutrition strategies.

Relentless Mindset:  Let’s be honest.  Most success comes from good habits, effective planning, action, and accountability.  We work hard on the Relentless Mindset, which encompasses all of those things.  We’re not asking you to be 100% all of the time, like a lot of places do, because we understand that it’s a journey.  We ask that you not give up and keep moving forward.  We have a system of accountability and flexibility with all that life can throw at you to keep you being successful on your march to your goals.

bangor maine fitness gymsKaizen:  “Kaisen” (or “Kaizen“) is term that basically means “one step better”.  That is the central focus of our programs here at Relentless and that’s why people just like you are so successful here.  We don’t throw a ton of crap at you and hope that you’re one of the ones it works for.  We focus on where you are now and then improve one thing.  Then another.  Then another. And on and on until those little wins stack up to a huge success!

Today is the day we’ll get you started on your journey.  Sign up for your Success Session here and we’ll begin!

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